Galloway's Sports & Fitness Center, LLC -                                      "Your Body is Our Business"
I am your personal trainer, Ondra Galloway, specializing in training for all sports, overall fitness, and bodybuilding.  Whether you want to tone, build, increase your speed, jump higher, improve your flexibility...I can take you to that next level.
I have 35+ years of experience in the fitness industry.  In high school I played baseball, basketball, and wrestled.  In college I played football, track, and continued on to wrestle.  During my college years I expanded my horizon and became a bodybuilder which landed me a host of titles.  (More details coming...)
I currently train the Three Rivers Lacrosse Team which is made up of boys and girls at the Elementary, Middle and High School levels in the Three Rivers region. Additionally, I train the AAU Eagle Youth Team.
Your plan is based on your current fitness level, time, goals, interests, and financial budget.